Dear Guests,

     As we continue our commitment to improve student achievement through collaboration and effective instruction, we are inviting professionals and students from various fields to share their educational background and professional experiences. 

     On behalf of the students of P.S. 41 we are cordially inviting you to be a part of this special event!  The event will take place at P.S. 41 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  During your stay you will visit various classrooms and talk with our students. 

     Below are several guiding questions to help you in preparing your presentation.  You are not required to answer these questions.  Feel free to be as creative as you need to be. Your participation in our annual College & Career Day will be a highlight to our event. Our students are appreciative, warm and eager to learn about various professions. The few hours you spend with them will resonate in their lives for many years to come and will be an important formative experience in their young lives.  

Professionals Guided Questions

·         Where were you born?

·         Where did you grow up?

·         What school/college did you attend?

·         What did you study?

·         Where have you worked?

·         What is your career?

·         What are your responsibilities?

·         What advice do you have for the students?

·         What should every student know and do to be successful?

College Students Guided Questions

·         What school/college do you attend?

·         What do you study?

·         What majors is your school known for?

·         What were you required to do in order to get accepted?

·         How important is high school, middle school, and elementary school?

·         What advice do you have for the students?

·         What should every student know and do to be successful?

     Once you confirm your participation, we will follow up with all the details of the event, including your schedule for the day. Thank you in advance for your participation.


College and Career Day Committee    Career Day Guest Letter and Form