3 206A- Castillo

Dear Parents of Class 3-206A,
         Greetings from class 206! My name is Ms. Castillo and I am happy to be working together towards you child's achievement! Together, we will make this a progressive and successful year.  I look forward to teaching them the skills and strategies that will help them succeed. Your child will be taking the state exams this year. Together, we can achieve wonderful goals!
Remember, the following are VERY important:
1) Attendance
2) Classwork
3) Homework 
4) Behavior 

Homework: Please check homework folders daily for important notices. It is very important that children read daily, including weekends.  Below you will find a general idea of your child's homework. Usually, there will be a weekly packet with each day's assignment and a calendar on the cover. This will help your child plan and practice completing their homework.



Phonics: Sight word & Writing Practice
*students have their own sight words

Students will write sight words 3x each and write 2-3 sentences each week using their sight words.

Reading: Average minutes of reading each day
3rd grade: 30-40 minutes

*Each child has a different reading stamina and style. Practice checking in by asking questions about the book.  

1 worksheet each day

Spiraling: Review worksheets in the packet
Envision: (additional worksheets by topic)
Topic 1: Understand Multiplication and Division 

Topic 2: Multiplication Facts: Use Patterns

Topic 3: Multiplication Facts for 3, 4, 6, 7, 8

Topic 4: Use Multiplication to Divide: Division Facts

Topic 5: Fluently Multiply and Divide Within 100

Topic 6: Connect Area to Multiplication and Addition

Topic 7: Represent and Interpret Data

Topic 8: Use Strategies to Add and Subtract

Topic 9: Fluently Add and Subtract Within 1,000

Topic 10: Multiply by Multiples of 10

Topic 11: Use Operations  to Solve Problems

Topic 12: Understand Fractions as Numbers

Topic 13: Fraction Equivalence and Comparison

Topic 14: Solve Time, Capacity, and Mass Problems

Topic 15: Attributes of Two-Dimensional Shapes

In addition,  feel free to contact me by note or email: 

Remind (Schoolwide app): https://www.remind.com/


Mobile:  347-974-0273

Online Resources

                                                 Important Dates

Parent Communication Time: Mondays 2:20pm-2:50pm

November 5th Election Day  (Schools are closed)

November 11th Veterans Day Observed (Schools are closed)

November 1314 Parent Teacher Conferences for Elementary Schools  (TBD)

November 2829 Thanksgiving Recess (Schools closed) 

December 24thJAN 1st, 2020 Winter Recess (Schools closed)

January 20th, 2020  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Schools are closed)