K1-123 Ms. Schwadron

Happy Fall!

As the weather gets colder, our learning will get cooler!  We are going to start learning in more creative ways. We will begin to use arts and crafts as a tool for education.  In addition, we will begin to use items like blocks, pipe cleaners, play-doh etc to make letters and numbers. 

Since we have been getting more in depth with our work, therefore work will begin to look different for every student.  This is called differentiation.  Some students will work on more difficult skills, while others will continue working the same skills.


Stop and Shop Trip on 11/20 at 10:30 am.

Thanksgiving Feast is on Wednesday, November 27 @ 1 pm.

Lunch is at 10:40am

Dismissal is at 2:20 pm SHARP

Please send in a snack.  We will eat snack around 1:30p

**We are a peanut free classroom. If you send in snacks 

for the class, please make sure they are peanut free.**


Ms. Schwadron