Welcome to 5-401 (Remote Learning)
I'm glad you've come to visit ;-) 
Ms. Ellis
To All Parents and Students,  as you know, all NYC schools 
are implementing remote learning at this time.  This started 
on Monday, March 16, and will continue for the remainder of 
the year.  If this time period is shortened, we will notify you 
via phone calls, email, google classroom, google hangouts, or 
any other form of communication available.

Students:  It is very important that you do your assigned work 
every day during this time period so that these days will count as school days for you. 
Parents: Please note that
 teachers,counselors,  administrators or other staff members
 from PS41 may call you for various reasons from their cell phones
 or house phones so please accept these calls.  

Online Resources
   Iready: READING               

                Don't forget to practice what 
                      you've learned today.


Daily Online Suggested Schedule

Together, we will make this new way of 
learning, a very productive way of learning.