Ms. Mark
Welcome to Fifth Grade Science
Welcome to 5th grade science! I am very excited to be back at P.S. 41 for my 19th year. Science is my passion and I am extremely happy to be able to teach it to the leaders of tomorrow.
Due to remote learning we will continue our science program online. Please check google classroom to find and complete assignments daily. 


Unit 1: Engineering and Technology
Unit 2: Matter
Unit 3:Energy and Matter in Organisms 
Unit 4: System in Space
Unit 5:Earth's System
Unit 6:Earth and Human Activities 
Homework is not given daily in science. When homework is given, it is expected to be done to the best of the student's ability. It will be collected/checked and credit will be given effecting the student's report card grade. Please check your child's homework notebook/assignment book to see if there is science homework assigned.

In addition to homework, there will also be class projects. Please speak with your child about group behavior and participation to accomplish the projects. Project grades will also be given and will effect the student's report card grade.  A science fair project is required from all fifth grade students, more information will be given at a future date.
To assess how much you child is learning, there will be three tests per unit after each chapter is completed. A review sheet will go out a few days before the test is given. Please go over the review sheet with your child to make sure he/she is studying and knows the material.
Contact Me!
If you need to contact me for any reason, you can e-mail me at, or call the school's main office at (718) 652-3461 and leave a message for me to call you back.