Welcome to First and Second Grade Science

Welcome to another wonderful year at P.S. 41. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and express my excitement about working with your children this year. I believe that students can grow and develop through careful practice and reflection on each of the subjects we cover in class.

Science process skills should be based on a series of discoveries. Students learn most effectively when they have a central role in the discovery process. The Science Standards reflect a student-centered, problem-solving approach to science. Inquiry and Process Skills are an integral part of each unit of study. The application of these skills allows students to investigate important issues in the world around them. These process skills are incorporated into students’ instruction as developmentally appropriate.

Dear Family Member,

HMH Science Dimensions is our new program that is designed to make this year of science an exciting one for everyone involved! HMH Science Dimensions takes a fresh look at science through the use of investigations, hands-on activities, explorations into engineering, sound, light, plant and animal structures, living things and their young, and objects and patterns in the sky. Each unit is characterized by in-depth lessons that explore a variety of concepts related to the theme of study. These lessons all have a hands-on investigation that is directly related to the topic of study in addition to several mini- investigations throughout each lesson in the unit. These mini-investigations provide your child opportunities to step away from their books or computers and actively participate in their learning. HMH Science Dimensions will assist your child in building a foundation of how to make claims, enhance reasoning skills, and provide evidence as support to those answers and claims. Let’s explore this new dimension of science together!


First Grade Science Curriculum

Second Grade Science Curriculum


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World Book Online- Science Power  Username: ps41x  Password: library

World Book Online- Kids Username: ps41x  Password: library

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