Mrs. Campanelli
Class 4-407

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Daily Reminders

-Students should be reading for 30 minutes or more each day and answering a question in their reading logs (the step by step guide could also be found in their reading logs).

-Students should be completing all homework assignments as well as going on MyOn, iReady, and Mathletics each day for twenty minutes or more.  Each student has been given their username and password information.

Yearly Focus:

This school year our goal is to get the most out of each and every day.  Each day is an opportunity to make our dreams a reality-that dream starts with the hard work and dedication you put in today!


Important Test Dates:

Grades 4 English Language Arts

Administration Dates:  March 25-26

Grades 4 Mathematics

Administration Dates:  April 21-22

NYSESLAT Listening, Reading, Writing, & Speaking

Administration Dates: Dates to be Announced

Grade 4 Science Performance Test

Administration Dates:  May 22 – 31

Grade 4 Science Written

Administration Dates:  June 3