Welcome to Fourth Grade Science
Welcome to another wonderful year at P.S. 41. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and express my excitement about working with your children this year. I believe that students can grow and develop through careful practice and reflection on each of the subjects we cover in class.

During the course of this school year students will be investigating, questioning, and exploring through the use  of many different scientific tools.  Students will be active learners and work together using the Scientific Method where they will be testing their hypothesis and conducting experiments, while engaging in meaningful conversations with their peers.

     Students will also be reading and writing in Science  throughout the year in order to strengthen their literacy skills and build on what they are learning from their experiments. 

        Students will be receiving science homework at least 3 times a week.

  •  Please make sure when viewing your child's homework he/she has the following on their homework assignment:
  • Date
  • Homework task
  • At least one paragraph of writing pertaining to the homework assignment.
Also, please make sure all homework assignments are always signed by a parent/guardian.