Ms. Savage's 4th Grade Science Class

Hello students!   In order to continue our studies in science you will be conducting your assignments digitally.   We are in the process of setting up a google classroom for you to have access to for our science lessons.  
We will continue to use the curriculum we are currently learning from, Science Dimensions. Every student will have access to the materials digitally.


You will need to click on the link to get started.

Follow these steps:

Step 1:  
Click on district.
Step 2:  
Where it says State- scroll down until you see New York and click on that. 
Step 3:
Where it says District- scroll down until you see New York City Dept of Ed and click on that one.
Click Next.
Step 4:
For username you will enter your student ID number.
Step 5: 
For  password you will enter student123 (no capitals or space)

The assignments will be posted on google classroom within the next few days.  Please be patient, as all teachers are still in the process of getting everything set up.   Everything will be ready by March 23rd.

Please stay safe and healthy, and remember to take care of yourselves.

-Ms. Savage