Welcome to KB5 Ms. Freundlich and Ms. Biggs
Hello KB5 friends!!  Thank you so much for helping us by being patient and providing important information in order to get our google classroom running!  Below, you will find information regarding remote online learning.  Your child will be responsible for a variety of activities  and assignments on a daily basis.  We will also be going on Google Meet every week day at 11:30 to check in virtually with the children.  The Link will be provied below, as well as in the stream on our Google Classroom.  Please refer to the Google Classroom page Google Classroom for daily updates and instructions.  Be sure to accept your google classroom invite to get started, which is in your child's gmail account.  Again, login information will be found below.  Reach out Monday-Friday 8am-2:50pm with any questions.  


KB5 To Do List:
*Login to student gmail and join google classroom 
*Complete assignments that are given daily 
* Go on Google Meet 11:30 weekdays

Google Classroom Help -this is to help navigate google classroom.

Username: your childs 9 digit ID number 
Password: student123


Please refer to the login information mailed to you, as the class number and picture code vary per child.

Raz Kids (kids A-Z):

Username: afreundlich0
Password: kb5


Please refer to the login information mailed to you.  All Pearson materials (math instruction) should be accessible through Google Classroom.  Please let me know if you have any trouble.

Google Meet:

We will be going on Google Meet daily at 11:30 for virtual learning and questions.  
                                                 11:30 Google Meet Link

Any questions...text, write on the google classroom stream, email at afreundlich@41gunhillroad.org or pscott-biggs@41gunhillroad.org