Welcome to Second Grade Science

Welcome to another wonderful year at P.S. 41. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and express my excitement about working with your children this year. I believe that students can grow and develop through careful practice and reflection on each of the subjects we cover in class.

Second Grade Science Curriculum
Science process skills should be based on a series of discoveries. Students learn most effectively when they have a central role in the discovery process. The Science Standards reflect a student-centered, problem-solving approach to science. Inquiry and Process Skills are an integral part of each unit of study. The application of these skills allows students to investigate important issues in the world around them. These process skills are incorporated into students’ instruction as developmentally appropriate.

> Science Skills: Learning basic exploration using models, observation, comparisons, classifications, measurements, recording data, inferring, investigations, predictions and drawing conclusions. 
>Scientific Method: Students will learn the steps of the scientific method and its process.
>Safety Tips: Students will learn how to use science tools safely.
>Earth Materials: Students will learn about the surface of the Earth, its resources, living and non living things. 
>Forces and Motion: Students will learn about how things move, forces, using simple machines, magnets and position and motion. 
>Plant Diversity: Students will learn about what plants need to survive, plant anatomy, and how they are alike and different. Students will learn about plants grow and change as well as flowers, fruits and seeds. Students will also learn about the different habitats that plants live and thrive. 
>Science, Engineering and Technology: Students will learn how to use tools, the design process  and how technology impacts our world. 


Science Homework will be sent out in each child's homework folder. 
The homework assignment page is for the current to the lesson being taught.
There is one homework assignment per week. 
It is due the following Monday that the assignment is given. 
Science Homework is a reinforcement of the topics taught in class. 
Please Check Your Child's folder!

For more information on NYC curriculum, click on the link below into your browser:

Our Annual P.S. 41 Science Fair will be held on the week of February 29th- March 7th!
All students are encouraged to participate!
You may purchase a Science board from school!
First Place Winner will receive a $50 Toys R Us Gift Card.
Second Place Winner will receive a $25 Toys R Us Gift Card.
 Third Place Winner will receive a $15 Toys R Us Gift Card.

Science Research Links Below:

World Book Online- Science Power  Username: ps41x  Password: library

World Book Online- Kids Username: ps41x  Password: library

Fun Science Fair Project Idea Links Below: