• Your child will be marked late if they arrive at/after 8:06

  • Starting next week, homework is given on a daily basis and is due on the following day unless given a different due date by the teacher . Image result for homework due date

  • Bring three sharpened pencils everyday at school. Image result for school pencils clipart (no sharpeners)



Monday: Reading Log & Math Worksheet
Tuesday: Reading Log & Math Worksheet
Wednesday: Reading Log & Math Worksheet
ThursdayReading Log & Math Worksheet
Friday: Reading Log & Math Worksheet

Important Dates


March 5: Parent teacher conferences

  • Please  Note: THERE IS A HALF DAY

March 10: Trip to 92nd Street Y, 

  • Parent chaperones, please arrive at 9:45 AM. 

March 20: STEPS Assembly (Black Women in History) 

March 25: Day one of the New York State ELA Exam (Grades 3-5).

March 26: Day two of the New York State ELA Exam (Grades 3-5).


April 11: Family Night/Game Night and Parent Workshops.

April 9 - Friday, April 17: Spring Recess (No school in session) 

April  22: Day one of the New York State Math Exam (Grades 3-5).

April 23: Day two of the New York State Math Exam (Grades 3-5).

Things to Remember

Students should be getting a good night sleep and have breakfast in the morning! This is always true, but even more important to remember for the day of our state exams!

Also, classroom attendance is super important to your child's learning. It's very important that children are coming to school on time and prepared for the day!