Ms. Priore
Third Grade Science

Hello Third Graders!

Starting Monday, March 23, 2020 PS 41 will be moving toward remote learning.  All science lessons and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.  We will continue to use the same science curriculum we have been using all year in class, only digitally.  

All 3rd Grade Students are required to log in to a SCIENCE ZOOM chat EVERYDAY from 12:30-12:50.  Attendance will be taken daily. 


The link below will allow you access to Dimensions Science page: 

Please follow these steps in order to log in to Dimensions Science:

Step 1:
Click on District
Step 2:
Click on State, type in New York, then click on New York
Step 3:
Click on District, scroll down until you see New York City Dept. of Ed., then click Next
*Once you complete these steps, this information should be stored in the system.
Step 4:
For Username, you will enter your Student ID#
For Password, you will enter: student123 (no capital letters or spaces)
*The Username and Password will be needed each time you enter Dimensions Science.

- Ms. Priore