Welcome to 3rd Grade Science
Hello Parents/Guardians,
I would like to take this time to formally introduce myself, I am Ms. Smith. I enjoy teaching science and hope to bring forth many new exciting and interactive science experiences for your child. We will be working on many activities this year and covering many topics.  We will be studying and performing investigations in Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Science. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at lsmith@41gunhillroad.org. 

Current Unit Begin Covered: Matter 
*Students will receive accompanying notes and worksheets for this unit, it is important that they keep all materials provided. 
Matter- Anything that takes up space. 
Volume- the amount of space an object takes up. 
Mass-  the amount of matter in something. 
Density- the mass of matter compared to its volume. 
Solid- is matter with a volume and a shape that stay the same. 
Liquid- is matter that has a volume that stays the same but a shape that can change. 
Gas- has no definite shape or volume. 
Physical Properties-  anything you can observe about matter by using one or more of your senses.