At P.S. 41, we improve student achievement for all through collaboration and effective instruction.


P.S. 41 is an academic home that promotes and nurtures each child’s social and emotional development.  We improve student achievement through differentiated instruction and hands-on activities that bring the curriculum alive through theme-related projects, curriculum-aligned trips and the arts. P.S. 41 has a learning culture in which staff members project positivity and have a holistic and shared approach to learning.   The school staff values proactive problem solving and embraces the learning process, not just its outcome.  Staff members continue to espouse new methods, while remaining committed to shared leadership and learning.  Staff members hold themselves and each other accountable in their commitment to P.S. 41’s mission.  All staff members believe that despite challenges, success is desirable and possible.  The UFT, teacher teams, administration, and staff members use a multi-channel communication system where task-relevant information is shared.  Staff members continually reflect on their practice, using systemic inquiry processes such as Data Core, PLCs, and common planning time.  All staff members share responsibility for recognizing each other’s successes and celebrating both individual and group accomplishments.


 Every action during the school day is focused on student learning, effective instruction, collaboration and/or parent communication.


 Celebration is everyone’s responsibility.


 Be honest, communicate.


 Lead and learn.


 Teach, assess, and reflect.